RESTful Java: Developer handbook

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Are you in a hurry to develop a RESTful service? Here you can go through how you can develop RESTful services using plain Java EE API

This eBook has been written mainly for developers. Our main focus is to develop RESTful web services NOT to explain the REST concepts. But I will cover some of the basic concepts to understand it better.

  • Overview
    • Introduction to REST
    • REST methods
    • HTTP status codes
  • Getting started
    • Setup development environment
    • Helloworld program
  • HTTP methods
    • GET
    • POST
    • DELETE
  • HTTP parameters
    • Query parameter
    • Path parameter
    • Body parameter
    • Form parameter
    • Header parameter
  • REST clients
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Thamizharasu is a Java developer living in India. He is writing about Java programming, RESTful web services and frameworks. He also loves working with Web API, Elastic search and Firebase. Currently he is a Madras JUG lead and you can follow him on Twitter @zarub2k