Powerful tactic to use exception mapper in Dropwizard

Dropwizard exception mapper
Powerful tactic for exception mapper in Dropwizard
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When we develop RESTful web services, we will have some confusion for handling Exceptions. This post will explain about the powerful tactic for exception mapper with Dropwizard framework. JAX-RS specification has already introduced Exception mappers for handling such a situation in a great way. We will see how this problem was addressed in an effective way by using Dropwizard infrastructure.


Now we will see how we can address this problem by seeing some real code with Dropwizard framework.

There are 3 steps involved for achieving this.

  1. Introduce a custom Exception
  2. Write a Exception Mapper for our newly introduced Exception
  3. Throw the custom Exception from our REST API

Custom Exception:

Exception Mapper:

REST API changes:

Finally register the provider instance (Exception Mapper) into Dropwizard application like below,

Our job is over! You will see the proper error message as response when you hit the API with error scenario. I hope this article has helped you to understand how we can use custom exception with REST API.

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For detailed code example referĀ https://github.com/cloudskol/dropwizardskol

Thank you!

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