Twitter open sourced ‘Diffy’, a code quality tool

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Twitter open sourced ‘Diffy’, a new tool for developer to identify bugs in their service implementation.

Twitter used this tool in their development process for many years. Since this has been open sourced, now we all can use and benefited from the tool.

As a developer we have used lots of code quality tools like Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle etc… Then why we need an another tool to spot the potential bugs in our code?

Diffy is NOT a tool which will run through our code and identify the bugs. Instead it will act as a proxy in between our client and server, and hit the different versions of our application.

Finally the Diffy will compare the responses returned from our application running in different containers (For example v1 and v2) and provide the feedback. If the responses are not different then Diffy will assume there won’t be any potential impact with our latest code. Otherwise it will show the difference identified in the response and warn the developers.

Feeling good? Yeah this will definitely reduce our time for finding the bugs in our latest code.

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